Team building activities

Team building activities in Barcelona on board the Southern Cross

The Southern Cross offers a wonderful and original space for teambuilding activities for groups and companies

Team building is fashionable. Organize activities to build camaraderie among workers, group dynamics and team spirit. A day out of the office is something that everyone wants once in a while. Change your usually uniform for nautical shoes and got on a boat, success is assured.

The Southern Cross is a ship where you can enjoy many activities for groups in Barcelona. the boat staff and management, We often think, that we know all the possibilities offered by the vessel in terms of group activities, but it is not true!!!. Year after year we discover, amazed, customers who suggest new ideas of things to do on board with their companies group:

What would you think about simulate a naval battle of the XVI century? Actors and extras dressed for the occasion, theater professionals, staff from events and team building Barcelona activities for companies.

This time, the client group had to overcome several tests such as team building in Barcelona. Upon arrival at the port, a speedboat will be waiting for them accompanied with a brief show, set sail to the Southern Cross and other schooner brought from another port. Once on board, they had organized various activities for team building previously prepared before leave the port. At the end, everything finished in a naval battle in true Caribbean style with shot guns included. After the team building activity, he returned to the port, and you all will be enjoying a snack and an excellent lunch prepared in the galley.

But this is just one example of the potential of the boat for company activities and teambuilding Barcelona.

Tell us what activity you’re thinking and we will make it happen

Other activities to unique groups held in Barcelona aboard the Southern Cross are:

  • Practical class yachting and further implementation with hoisting of the largest, messana and genoa sails, group activity that requires effort and cooperation of all participants.
  • Wine tastings
  • Workshop Gin tonics
  • Various teambuilding activities
  • Gymkhana tests

Definitively, space is the boat, ideas are of the client and its group

Do you want to celebrate a team building activity on a boat?

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