The boat restaurant

Companies, groups or individuals dinners in Boat restaurant in Barcelona

Have you ever thought about celebrating your business dinner or special celebration on a boat restaurant?

Due to the large number of requests from groups of companies and individuals that we received past’s season, asking about the possibility of a dinner aboard a boat restaurant in the city of Barcelona. So, ​​we decided to create it. It is called “Dinner boat”.

The dinners aboard S/Y Southern Cross are memorable events for the uniqueness of the space and privacy of the group dinner, offering an unforgettable evening event, leaving for a few hours, the mainland. In our boat restaurant dinners in Barcelona everything happens differently than a normal dinner, everything happens like this:

The day of the company dinner. Previously, guests have chosen a menu from to different options that we offer and together, both boat restaurant and customer have detailed the whole service. The chef and staff on board have everything you need, everything is ready, and everything is set up.

On arrival at the boat, the group, is welcomed with a champagne and a small appetizer with snacks, while our hostess Jeaneth receive them personally, inviting them to discover the boat in an amazing tour. You will see the cabins, the kitchen, the spectacular engine room, the great hall of bow and you will have the chance to hear anecdotes happened on board and discover characters and celebrities who have spent some time on the boat or have even made their group dinner on board, we will reveal two of them, Lana del Rey and Claudia Schiffer.

Finished leisure time, standing up conversations and a cup in hand, begins the true boat company dinner: starter, main course, dessert and coffee table for formal dinners or parade trays with proposals for such exquisite dinner cocktail. Everything is served in a private, unique atmosphere and, of course, very seaworthy, accompanied by fantastic views of the city of Barcelona.

And after dinner … music and dance in a boat!

Once the dinner is totally finished, there’s still more. As a total of 3 hours for the company dinner and use of the boat, guests can enjoy service until the end, dancing or listening to relaxing music, immersed in the most important conversations of future and past of the group. All the time, all packs of group dinner include open bar, including soft drinks, water, beer and wine cellar, so the waiters are responsible, permanently, to offer guests drinks wherever they are. Bon appétit!!!

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